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Educational Technology

Inventory of Teacher Technology Skills (ITTS)

The ITTS offers educators the opportunity to identify the basic skills and/or knowledge that need reinforcement through professional development activities. The inventory consists of six sections which takes approximately 6-10 minutes per section to complete. Sections may be completed separately, but a section must be completed in one sitting. At the end of the inventory you are provided with the results based on Florida's Frameworks and Indicators for Basic Technology.

System Requirements (from DOE tech support): "The only requirement for using this site is Flash 7 or higher, cookies enabled, and JavaScript enabled. My suggestion to most users when they are experiencing problems with the inventory is to reset all their browser security/privacy settings to default and disable any addition security programs while taking the inventory (i.e. firewalls, pop-up blockers, etc.)." For Windows systems use Internet Explorer 7. Mac OS X compatible browsers: Firefox (1.5), Safari (1.3.1), Mozilla (1.7.12), Netscape (7.2).

The Inventory for Teacher Technology Skills survey is now open for participation. All surveys should be completed by April 25, 2008.

In an effort to help teachers integrate technology within the learning environment, Brevard Public Schools has purchased a district-wide subscription to Atomic Learning, a web-based training for more than 100 applications that educators use.   This product will assist in mastering basic technology skills listed in Florida's Frameworks and Indicators for Basic Technology and evaluated in the Inventory of Teacher Technology Skills.

Brevard Public Schools has a set an objective as part of our First in Florida Strategic Plan, which says we will Increase Use of Technology for Effectiveness and Efficiency.  To assist in accomplishing this objective, the district will utilize the newly developed DOE “Inventory of Teacher Technology Skills” to indicate every teacher is “Proficient” in using technology in the classroom.  Below is the verification form to report your school's participation.

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